Snow Day Steakhouse

Ah, the sweet release of a Friday afternoon. School’s out (and out early), there is the whispering promise of snow filling everyone’s head. With girls in their Uggs and pullovers and boys in their shorts and sweatshirts (which frankly, I will never understand), the cold weather is evident in us all. What better day than this is there to cook up something ridiculously delicious! This horseradish and herb crusted beef tenderloin is a delicious and healthy way to warm up your chilly winter evenings (or at least that’s what it says on the recipe).

The dish itself is fairly simple: a beef tenderloin (‘preferably grass-fed’ says the recipe, which is ‘higher in immune-boosting conjugated linoleic acid than conventional beef’) that is encrusted with LOTS of flavor. The thing that stood out to me with this is the horseradish; I’ve personally never tried horseradish, but I am very much aware of its spicy-tangy-strong flavor thanks to A Series of Unfortunate Events. It’s a peculiar place to learn of an ingredient, I know. Never the less, Mr. Snicket felt the need to supply my young mind with horseradish-y content that will stick with me for the rest of my days. In addition to the illuisve-but-not-so-illusive-horseradish, there is parsley, thyme, rosemary, garlic, dijon mustard, and of course, salt and pepper. If I can teach you anything, my dear reader, it is to put salt and pepper on absolutely everything savory you make. EVERYTHING. Don’t question it. Just salt-n-peppa that thing and watch your world change for the better. Trust me. I know things.horseradish-herb-crusted-beef-tenderloin-recipe

This is the picture on the website that I snatched this recipe from. The beef is cooked perfectly, a nice pale pink all the way through, and the outside is smothered in flavorful spices. The gold fork adds a nice touch, don’t ya think? Overall, not too intimidating.

So on this dreary chilly January afternoon, I began my venture at Kroger. Here’s a tip: don’t go to the grocery store the night of a winter storm. It’s not a pretty sight. I found the herbs that I needed, as well as a larrrrrge coffee, and I went to go pick out my tenderloin. Unbeknownst to my 16-year-old-mind, beef tenderloin is just a bit on the pricey side (!!!). Never the less, I had committed to this dish. I said to myself, as I paid $30 for some cow, Treat. Yo. Self.

So pretty! But so plain

Now comes the fun part! Step one: heat oven to 400°F. So far so good. Step two: peel and shred horseradish. It was this very moment when I learned that horseradish is gross and I sure wasn’t putting an entire cup of it on this tenderloin, bt3so I opted for a quarter cup instead. Step 3: Combine parsley, rosemary, thyme, and garlic with shredded horseradish.
Step 4: salt n peppa that meat 
(told ya). Step 5: Combine olive oil and dijon mustard and brush onto beef. Step 6: sprinkle herb mixture onto meat and press to stick. 

Here’s the full recipe for those who aren’t satisfied with my steps. )

Finally, the time had arrived to put this baby in the oven. Only 45 minutes left now! In my spare time, I decided to whip up some garlic roasted red potatoes (4 red potatoes sliced thin and tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder, baked at 400°F until golden brown) and some sautéed greenbt2 beans (green beans cooked with butter, chopped onions, chopped bacon; steamed by adding water to the pan gradually and refilling once it cooks off; finish with some more butter and a bit of brown sugar). I kinda made those up.

At long last, my three hour venture was finally coming to a savory, spicy end. Look at this beauty! I’m sure you can tell by now my pan has seen better days. But I don’t care! Look!! It’s not burnt! Golden! Incredible! Delicious! I did that!


I did that!


14 thoughts on “Snow Day Steakhouse

  1. Without any hesitation or grandmotherly favoritism, that meat was delectable! Perfectly seasoned! A beautiful presentation, as well. Not only was the dinner perfect, but your blog is off to a rousing start! Superb, fresh and witty writing! I predict a total success here! Your legions of followers await. Keep it up. You are own your way to something big!?


  2. Thinking outside the box is a mark of a great cook or chef. Generally speaking, I will follow a new recipe the first time, unless something seems glaringly off. That was a bold and fearless move to cut back on the horseradish. I agree, a cup of it might have overpowered everything else. I’m excited to see what your next adventure in cooking will be!


  3. All right! A new chef with an entertaining narrative. You go, Girl! The steak looks wonderful. I am available ANYTIME you need a taste tester.


  4. HOW have I let you NOT taste horseradish before now? Perhaps it stems from also not eating shrimp! Excellent, excellent (and wonderfully witty) blog—- I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, looking forward to trying it out myself the next time Kroger puts their tenderloin on sale. Having grocery shopped for more years than I sometimes care to admit, I DO know the price of beef tenderloin! Excited to house the next generation’s most promising chef this summer. ( Piper enjoys “cooking” too, so she may be in line behind you!) looking forward to your next venture!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I can’t help but think that this entry is missing a crucial element… How did it taste? Some recipes can look fantastic, but the taste can be quite lacking. You did a very good job with this entry and went above and beyond the requirements. The inclusion of step by step pictures was a very clever idea. As a horseradish fan, I might try this recipe this weekend!

    You are getting full credit for this entry! Here are some things to keep in mind for your next entry. Remember to cite images. Any image you didn’t take should be properly cited. When you cite, make sure you credit the website in your text as well. “This is the picture from the website I snatched….” should be, “This is the picture from, the website I snatched….” Overall this entry was fantastic. Keep up the excellent work!
    -Mr. Tillman


    1. Thank you! I agree that I should’ve talked about how it tasted, but I was already so over the max word count that I didn’t want to make it too long. I’ll do that next time! Thanks 🙂


  6. I love horseradish! I have never cooked with it though. This is definitely worth a try. Your blog is gorgeous! The pictures are incredible, and the writing is spectacular. I am so impressed!

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